Couple found deceased in Pleasant View area home

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of an older couple in their residence on Martinsburg Road.

Sheriff K.C. Bohrer said on Monday that deputies were called to a home in the 10,000 block of Martinsburg Road on Friday, July 29 at 5:55 p.m. in response to a report of unattended deaths.

Deputy Burkholder and Lt. Seth Place responded to the home and found two deceased individuals inside.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the female, aged 72, appeared to have died of natural causes and the male, aged 64, appeared to have a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The deceased were spouses, said the sheriff.

After contacting the next of kin, Bohrer identified the two as Charles Michael Law and Vicky Jean Law.

A West Virginia Medical Examiner responded to the home and took the individuals to the Office of the State Medical Examiner for post-mortem exams.

Sheriff Bohrer said the couple was found by a person who comes to see them occasionally. He indicated that the next of kin had last seen the couple alive on July 24. The condition of their bodies was consistent with the two having been deceased for some time, Bohrer confirmed.

An investigation into their deaths is ongoing.