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2022 Morgan County Expo winners

YOUTH Handcrafts

Scarlet Henry-first place for beaded art.

The Settlers 4H Club hosted a watermelon eating contest during the Morgan County expo on Saturday, July 23.

Caitlyn Savicki-first place for fairy house.

Caitlyn Savicki-first place for flower crowns.

Caitlyn Savicki-first place for sword and piece of wood. Caitlyn Savicki-first place for turtleduck.

Jamison Laney-first place for recycled pop top parrot.


Jamison Owens-Grand Champion Youth Entries for Nintendo lego build ad- vanced kit.

Jamison Laney-first place for lego float.

Judah Apsey-first place for mobile lego trio.


Conor Owens-first place for black and white dragon eye.

Judah Apsey-first place for canvas abstract.

Kaylee Owens-first place for painting of mountains.


Caitlyn Savicki-first place for armor.


Kaylee Owens-first place for Cut Flowers.

ADULT Photography Black and White

Staci Blakeley-first place for black and white Native American.



Carmen Winiarski-first place for seagull, Carmen Wianarski-second for peacock and Teresa Mosher- third for bird.


Carmen Winiarski-first place for turtles and Phyllis Berens-second for cat.


Carmen Wianarski-Grand Champion photography for at the beach, Carmen Wianarski-second for contemplation and Carmen Wianarski-third for when is spring coming.


Carmen Wianarski-first place for looking up, Carmen Wianarski-second for sea foam and Carmen Wianarski- third for pinks and greens.


Carmen Wianarski-first place for dandylion and Carmen Wianarski-second for dancing fairies.


Carmen Wianarski-first place for ice crystals, Carmen Wianarski-second for Morning and Carmen Wianarski- third for new life.

Quilted items

Susan Waugh-first place for quilted jacket, Carmen Wianarski-second for mini quilt and Carmen Wianarski- third for bandana quilt.

Needle arts

Andrea Duckworth-first place and Grand Champion for town square cross stitch afghan, Shannon Apsey-second or pillow and Dianne Yost-third for cross stitch flowers.


SusanWaugh-first for fall bench pillow.


Cat Hutton-first place for acrylic on canvas “A Hand Up,” Dianne Yost-second for Painted Rock and Michael Brooks-third for 12×12 stain glass.


Teresa Mosher-first place for deer skin quiver.

Doris Dorio-first place for painted glass.

Doris Dorio-first place for painted wood.

JoAnn Wachter-first place for homemade cards.

Jeuli Bartenstein-first place for reed basket.

Dianne Yost-first place for red and white wreath.

Cindy Smalley-second place for Christmas wreath.

Phyllis Hagstad-second place for floral bouquet (weeds).

Patricia Steers-second place for metal pan.

Teresa Mosher-third place for silk flower arrangement.

Patricia Steers-third place for Snake.

Horticulture Cut flowers

Cat Hutton-Grand Cham- pion for Tiger Lilly’s and Shannon Apsey-first for garden flower.


Shannon Apsey-first place for sage.

Anne Beckley-first place for basil.

Most unusual plant

Molly Farrow-first place and Cindy Smalley-second.


Shannon Apsey-first place for big pumpkin.

Shannon Apsey-first place for squash.

Anne Beckley-first place for single tomato

Anne Beckley-first place for hot peppers.

Ray Wianarski-second place for white pumpkin.