Town to lease Spessard building to Harvest


The Spessard Building on South Street.


Town officials voted to lease the Spessard Building on South Street to medical cannabis grower Harvest, Inc. of Maryland when the company gets their processor license from the state.

The grower has been pre-approved for the license, but they have not formally been awarded the license by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

The building, which is adjacent to the Harvest indoor growing plant on South Street, was originally built for Spessard Manufacturing.

Town Manager David Smith said the lease would be open-ended with renewals coming up yearly.

Rent for the town-owned building would be roughly $42,000 per year or $5 per square foot. The building is around 8,400 square feet.

According to Harvest CEO Steve White, the medical cannabis company has been awarded a Stage 1 license by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

While he couldn’t comment on the lease terms himself, White said Harvest anticipates using the entire building and “hope to start construction soon” of a processing facility.

Processors take the marijuana plant and create products from it for medical use. Medical cannabis can come in several forms, from cannabis oil and topical products to liquid tinctures.