Town creates Pandemic Planning and Response Plan, announces other measures

by Geoff Fox

Hancock Mayor Ralph Salvagno announced Monday the town has developed a Pandemic Planning and Response Plan designed to be put into effect in the event of a crisis, such as COVID-19 and future events, that directly impact Hancock and the surrounding area.

Work on the plan started last week and was finalized Monday morning.

If warranted, the mayor would initiate the emergency response plan for the town.

The plan brings together the abilities and input of a Pandemic Coordinating Officer, Amy Gillespie; Exposure Control Officer, Dr. Matthew Hahn; Police Chief Jim Robison; a representative from the Hancock Fire Department and one from Hancock Rescue Squad.

The purpose of the plan is to provide guidance and direction if it is needed.

Hancock has been working closely with Washington County to ensure it is in alignment with county and state policies and procedures.

Effective Wednesday, April 8, Town of Hancock employees will be mandated to wear face masks during the execution of their duties with the public.

The town also strongly encourages all citizens to war masks in public and, in attempt to conserve medical grade masks for first responders and medical personnel, directs people to online resources like YouTube for mask-making techniques for yourself and family.

The town is also asking its citizens to donate any N95 masks for use by essential personnel. Any N95 masks or homemade masks can be dropped off at the Hancock Police Department.

It is the town’s goal to keep the residents as safe as possible from COVID-19.

The mayor encourages everyone to continue to practice social distancing and follow established state protocols.

“As citizens we have an obligation to promote the general welfare by following the guidelines set forth by our President and by our Governor,” Salvagno said in a press release. “If we do our part, we will get through this together.”

A complete seven-page document outlining the town’s Pandemic Response Plan can be found at and clicking the “Coronavirus COVID-19 Latest Information and Resources” banner at the top of the page.

The document is at the bottom of the actual page and titled “Town of Hancock Pandemic Response Plan.”