State sets new speed limits on several county roads

State speed limits on the following Morgan County roads have been changed by the West Virginia Department of Transportation:

Fulton Road

In northeastern Morgan County, the speed limit on roughly two miles of Fulton Road is now 30 miles per hour. The area affected is from west of Mason Road and running east to Householder Road.

Johnsons Mill Road

The speed limit on Johnsons Mill Road, from Earl Weber Road to Highland Ridge Road, is now 30 miles per hour.

The area affected is from milepost 0 the intersection of County Routes 26/1 (Earl Webber Road) and running north to milepost 1.17 the intersection of County Route 24 (Highland Ridge Road). The change affects 1.17 miles of roadway.

Speed limits on the remainder of Johnson Mill Road will stay the same from Highland Ridge to U.S. 522

Culp Road

Speed limits on Culp Road, from Pious Ridge Road to River Road – a distance of 2.4 miles — will now be 30 miles per hour.