Redding is now presiding judge for Morgan County

Newly-elected Circuit Judge Steven Redding will be Morgan County’s presiding judge.

Judge Laura Faircloth has been Morgan County’s judge since her election in May 2016.

Morgan County Circuit Clerk Melanie Shambaugh said the judges of the 23rd judicial circuit held an organizational meeting following this year’s May primary election, and made changes to where judges would serve in the circuit.

Redding was appointed to the bench in the 23rd judicial circuit in February to temporarily fill an open seat left by the retirement of Gray Silver III. During the May 8 primary, Redding was elected to serve out the remainder of Gray’s unexpired term.

Judge Redding will preside over felony and civil cases in Morgan County Circuit Court.

Shambaugh said because Judge Redding had previously been a court-appointed defense attorney for some Morgan County cases, he will recuse himself from those cases. Those cases will be heard by Judge David Hammer, who was elected last month to his first term as a Circuit Judge.