Police warn of scam phone calls

by Geoff Fox

Hancock Police are warning residents of a scam that has recently hit the area involving oversea phone numbers.

According to Hancock Police Chief Rick Cook, calls are being made from an oversea phone number, such as 52-983-838-2888, which Cook said are scrambled numbers.

“The scammers are saying that they have the victim’s children hostage and want money,” the chief said.

The scammers go as far of having someone scream in the background to make it sound like the child is being held against their will.

“This is all false,” he said.

Cook advised if any number comes up on the caller ID like this or you don’t know whose number it is, “please don’t answer the phone.”

If you don’t have caller ID on your phone and you answer it, hang it up.

“If anything happens like this please notify the police department and have us check in to it,” Cook said.

When asked about the robocalls people tend to get with spoofed numbers, Cook said he feels they are scams as well and also advised to hang up the phone.

“If you don’t talk to them you can’t be scammed,” Cook said.

There have also been scam callers claiming to be from the IRS. Cook said the IRS would contact people through the mail, not through calls.

There have been several scam calls circulating in the Hancock area and so far the police have been notified, Chief Cook said.

Town residents with concerns about calls or mail they might receive can contact the Hancock police at 301-678-5633.