Md. woman arrested for prescription forgery, others face sexual abuse and battery charges

A Frederick woman has been charged with felony forgery after allegedly trying to get prescription medications from Walgreens under a different name.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Morgan County Magistrate Court, Stephanie E. Faustino, 24, of Frederick, Md. was charged with seven counts of the felony on August 4.

Cpl. S.R. Smith of the West Virginia State Police responded to a forged prescription complaint at the Berkeley Springs Walgreens. The pharmacist there advised police that a female had dropped of a prescription on July 27. The medical practice on the prescription confirmed the document, which listed another woman’s name, was forged.

Cpl. Smith and Trooper Barrett responded to the pharmacy when the pharmacist reported that Faustino was on her way to pick up the medication.

According to police, Faustino was located in the store and the pharmacist confirmed she was the person who tried to pass the forged prescription.

Police then made contact with a male who drove Faustino to the pharmacy that day. In speaking with the driver, the officer detected a “strong odor of marijuana.” A search of the vehicle led police to find six additional suspected forged prescriptions, each listed in a different person’s name.

Faustino is being held at the Eastern Regional Jail in lieu of a $35,000 bond.

In other police news, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department has charged a Berkeley Springs man with sexual abuse.

Jonathan Britner, 40, is accused of abusing a minor female. He was arrested after an investigation by Cpl. Scott Lemon and Deputy Tony Link on August 7. Britner is being held at the Eastern Regional Jail in lieu of a $15,000 bond.

A Berkeley Springs woman has been charged with domestic battery after the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department responded to calls at a local residence for domestic violence involving a firearm.

Destiny A. Martin, 32, was charged on August 6 after witnesses reported she had struck an individual in the face and groin, and threatened to use a gun to harm that person and herself. Martin was released on $1,500 bail. Cpl. Scott Lemon and Cpl. Barney investigated the incident.