Local students raise $2,355 through Pennies for Patients

by Geoff Fox

Last month, students at Hancock Elementary and Hancock Middle-Senior High School were asked to step up and raise money for leukemia, lymphoma, and cancer research with a goal of $2,085.25 by December 21.

The students not only met their goal, they exceeded it by $270 by raising $2,355.63.

Since students were able to exceed the goal set forth by David “Doc” Holliday, he welcomed students back to school from the “cold rooftops” in a ballet outfit that included a purple tutu and Christmas lights.

The classes of Carl Wise, Marsha Flowers and Heidi Potterfield were the Silver Pennant Class as their classes raised between $200 and $299 for the cause.

Sue Miller, Danette Santor, Stacy Parks, Maggie Cunningham, Sandy Deremer, Terri Wolford, and Christy Sears had the Bronze Pennant Class Winners, having raised between $100 and $199.

The classes of Flowers, Wise and Krista Murray were the winners for the Shives’ personal pizzas.

Holliday has been heading the fundraising effort for the last 13 years and the two schools have now raised over $27,000 for the research of leukemia, lymphoma, and cancer research.