Jenkinson and Bowers compete in poetry state finals competition

The Morgan County School Board recently completed its annual evaluation of Morgan County Schools Interim Superintendent Erich May and released the following statement on February 19:
“Board/Superintendent goals for the current school year were established on September 15, 2017.  Goals included sustaining graduation rates over 90%, improving math achievement, increasing community communication, increasing school system communication, and becoming familiar with school law and code.”
“The evaluation focused on two required elements: Success in improving student achievement generally, as well as improving student achievement specifically through the management and administration of low performing schools.”
“Interim assessments show across-the-board improvement in math achievement.  Mr. May has initiated efforts to coordinate trainings, and to better align math instructional materials with the curriculum.”
“Mr. May has established frequent communication with our public in Morgan County.  For example, he responds readily to requests to speak on school system issues.  His periodic column in The Morgan Messenger has been well-received.”
“Mr. May is working on specific areas of improvement but has, in his short tenure, demonstrated strengths in overall management, supervision, and instructional leadership.”
May’s evaluation as interim superintendent was required to be completed by March 1.