Flooding Cacapon River tops two bridges

The Cacapon River in western Morgan County continues to rise on Saturday, May 19 and has flooded over the Powerhouse Road and Rockford Road bridges. Rockford Road beyond the bridge in now inaccessible. According to river gage information from the U.S. Geological Survey, the river topped

Rockford Road in Great Cacapon

flood stage (9 ft.) on Thursday and has remained between 10 and 12 ft. since then. Both the bridges are under water, and the National Weather Service has extended their Flood Warning for the Cacapon River into Sunday, when the federal

agency expects the river levels to begin dropping. Minor flooding is already occurring in areas near the river.

Potomac River levels are also on the rise, and the Potomac is expected to hit flood stage (25 ft.) in Paw Paw by Sunday morning. At that height, the river will flood the parking area of public river access points in Paw Paw.

Powerhouse Dam on the Cacapon River. May 19

Rockford Road bridge over the Cacapon River in Great Cacapon.