County fills administrative, dispatcher positions

Morgan County officials approved the hire of two administrative-level employees and three 911 staff members during their November 21 meeting.

Acting on the recommendation of County Administrator Stefanie Allemong, Commissioners Joel Tuttle and Ken Reed voted to hire Aaron Arrington as the county’s new Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Director at an annual salary of $30,000 plus benefits, effective December 19. The GIS Director oversees… Allemong was the county’s GIS Director before being hired as the County Administrator.

Commissioners Tuttle and Reed also voted to hire Mark Hill as the county’s Assistant County Administrator. Hill was hired at a salary of $31,000 per year plus benefits, to begin December 1. Hill will occupy a new post in the courthouse, which will include the duties of former commission secretary Ginger Johnson and the duties of a grant coordinator, in addition to staff management.

Both hires are contingent on the candidates passing background checks.

On the recommendation of Deputy 911 Director Sarah Hogbin, commissioners approved the hire of one full-time and two part-time 911 dispatchers for the county – Kylar Kroschinsky, John Mark Michael and Charles Shaffer. Hogbin said she had to train one of three candidates, but all will start work as soon as possible to fill open positions.

Officials also hired Chasity Whittington as a full-time Peer Recovery Coach for the county’s new Day Report Center. Whittington was to start November 26 and will be paid an annual salary of $26,000 plus benefits.