Chip Shots

by Jim Buzzer

Wanted some news

I waited as long as I could to be able to talk about the West Virginia University Football Team’s depth chart for next Saturday’s season opener with Eastern Kentucky. I also have been anxiously awaiting the announcement of just where that game will be found on television. As of Monday evening, there is nothing out there, but speculation. There are some worthy speculators out there, so I’ll share some of their wisdom. By the time you read this the TV times and stations will have been announced as Tuesday is supposed to be the day they are announced.
The depth chart could be out any day or it may be the weekend or beyond before it is released. A depth chart was found in the just released media guide, but that is somewhat dated, because it did not include transfers, freshmen and other newcomers. “There’s probably been some movement,” said one of my speculators. “I would bet a lot of it is still the same, but there’s going to be some new guys that have jumped in there with how they’ve performed.”
Arizona transfer Tony Fields is said to be a lock to appear on the depth chart at one of the linebacker spots: most likely the Mike position.  Freshman cornerback Daryl Porter and Middle Tennessee wide receiver transfer Zack Dobson, each of which have stood out through practices leading up to the start of the season.
It will be interesting to see how the depth chart looks at wide receiver. The room is full of experience and youth. Currently Sean Ryan, Winston Wright, T.J. Simmons and Sam James are number ones. Bryce Ford-Wheaton and Randy Fields backup Ryan. Redshirt freshman Graeson Malashevich and true freshman Reese Smith are behind Wright. Isaiah Esdale is behind Simmons and Ali Jennings is behind James.
Depth at wide receiver is nice, but the question is who will be the guy throwing them the ball. Head coach Neal Brown has not named a starter between Jarret Doege and Austin Kendall. Doege finished the season with a couple wins, while Kendall suffered through most of the season with a nagging injury to his throwing hand.
There was a scrimmage last Saturday and Coach Neal Brown was a little positive afterwards. “There was a lot of give and take,” Brown said. “I thought the defense started off strong and forced some takeaways, a fumble and two interceptions, I believe, to start the scrimmage. The offense, right around the middle of the scrimmage, rebounded and ran the ball better.”