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Authorities report threat against Hancock Middle-Senior High

Staff at Hancock Middle-Senior High School on Tuesday confirmed they were aware of a threat made against their school and students on social media, and had reported that threat to the appropriate law enforcement and school agencies. Numerous Washington County Sheriff’s Department patrol vehicles were seen parked in spots at the front of the school around lunchtime on April 19, and students were seen coming in and out of the school. A parent commented on social media that they had received a phone call from Washington County Public Schools about the threat.

Public Information officer Erin Anderson with the WCPS confirmed that a message was distributed to Hancock Elementary and Middle Senior High School families on Tuesday morning regarding the threat. It said:

Parents and guardians of Hancock students: 

School administrators and local law enforcement are aware of a threat that has been posted to social media in reference to Hancock Middle Senior High School. Administrators are working with the Hancock Police Department and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, who are providing additional police coverage on school campuses while this matter is investigated and more information is obtained.

Students at the middle-senior high school will be staying in their classrooms until lunch begins at 12:30. Elementary school students will not be having outside recess or physical education classes.

Student and staff safety is a top priority, and WCPS will continue to provide updates as information is available.

A screenshot of the alleged threat has been circulated on social media on Tuesday, and claims the subject intended to use weapons to commit violent acts in the school.

A food pantry event scheduled to be held at the Hancock Middle-Senior High School has been cancelled for Tuesday and will be rescheduled.

Hancock Middle-Senior High School on Tuesday, April 19.


  1. Michael L. McCarthy Jr. on April 19, 2022 at 6:37 pm

    and why wasn’t school cancelled again,!? as former alumni of HMSH, class of ’98 and parent of a former student at HMSH I would’ve been devastated if something would’ve happened after the fact, not knowing all along that the staff was informed of this and still allowed children to board a bus and be transported to a destination of a possible threat and something happened to anyone staff or student; the teachers should have even been told to stay home. One question is anyone’s education worth a tragic life-altering event event, I realize the world we live in and the fact that tomorrow is never promised but when one is informed of such information and still permits staff and students to go about their way seems almost as bad as the government sending people back to work to potentially catch covid-19.
    I prayed all afternoon at work that nothing works happen and everyone would be safe today, makes you wanna hug your loved ones a little longer and not forget to tell them you love them even if it is in front of their friends and it’s embarrassing and most importantly day I’m sorry when you’re wrong and even when you aren’t.
    just an average joe speaking his mind.

  2. Sheila Ann Thompson on April 20, 2022 at 7:05 pm

    what’s going to be done…? should kids go back to school ..?

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