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County road fix list delivered to governor

by Kate Shunney

Morgan County’s list of roadway repair priorities includes 99 items that span the county and range from pot holes to resurfacing to culvert replacement, bank stabilization and road base repair.

County highway supervisor Rodney Crowell and district 5 supervisors provided the list to Governor Jim Justice and his transportation team in response to a deadline last week from Charleston. All of the 55 county supervisors were told to provide their road projects lists to the governor within 72 hours.

“These lists represent secondary roadways across the state that DOH district managers and county supervisors identified as being in the greatest need of maintenance work, per the Governor’s request,” Justice’s office said in an email on Monday when releasing the statewide list of road projects.

Lists can be found in full online at:

Morgan County’s repair list is included in District 5, list #3, from pages 56 to 236.

Topping Morgan County’s list of road repair needs are:

  • Martinsburg Road from mile post 31.29 to 33.55. Needs listed are for shoulder work, culverts replaced, base failure repair, pot holes repairs and paving
  • Cacapon Road from mile post 7.94 to 20.32. Needs listed are for shoulder work, culverts replaced, base failure repair, pot holes repairs, guardrail replacement and paving
  • Valley Road from mile post 11.43 to 14.27. Needs listed are for shoulder work, storm drain replacement, base failure repair, and paving
  • Virginia Line Road from mile post 0 to 24.16. Needs are brush cutting, shoulder work, culvert cleaning and replacement, base repair, pot holes and surfacing
  • Householder Road from mile post 0 to 3.43. Needs are culvert replacement, base repair, pot hole repair and paving
  • Rock Ford Road from mile post 0 to 8.96. Needs are brush cutting, shoulder repair, culvert cleaning, base repair and pot hole repair, gravel and asphalt surfacing
  • Pine Grove Road from mile post 0 to 3.06. Needs are shoulder repair, culvert replacement, base repair, surface treatment
  • Mauzy Road, from mile post 0 to 3.9. Needs are shoulder repair, culvert replacement, base repair, pot hole repair and surface treatment
  • Troy Road from mile post 0 to .21. Needs are pot hole repair and surface treatment
  • Milo School Road from mile post 0 to 7. Needs are culvert replacement, base repair, skip patching, pot hole repair and surface treatment.

Each roadway needing repair in Morgan County is listed on an individual sheet showing its surface type, average daily traffic, roadside maintenance needs, drainage needs, surface maintenance needs, safety needs and major maintenance category like a slide or road wash-out.

Other roads in the list of 99 include, in order: Shanghai Road, Sticky Kline Road, Packing House/Packing Shed Road, Henry O. Michael Road, Blue Brook/Pine Grove/Rolling Hills Road, Fish Hatcher Road, Big Oak Tree/Unger Store Road, Timber Ridge Road, Oakland Road, Woodmont Road, Orleans Road, Magnolia Road, Detour/Magnolia Road, Johnson Mill Road, Cold Run Valley/Rock Gap Road, Bennett Lane, Peter Yost Road, Ridersville Road, Winstead Road, River Road, Mason Road, Winchester Street, Cherry Lane, Cinder Lane, Sherrill Lane, Spriggs Road, Mountain Run Road, Sir Johns Run Road, Potter Road, Sam Householder/Fulton Road, Meridian Road, Orchard Lane, Silver Lane, Eppinger Road, Spielman Road, Duckwall Road, Luther Michael/Tabor Road, Youngblood Road, Mesner/McCoy Road, Tabor Road, Highland Ridge Road, Jimstown Road, Myers Road, Sugar Hollow Road, Fairbee/Spriggs Road, Cherry Run Road, Clone Run Road, Winchester Grade Road, New Hope Road, Sandmine Road, Fairview Drive, Pious Ridge Road, Fearnow/Waugh Road, Mill Street, Greenway Drive/Franklin Street, North Laurel Avenue, Williams Street, Wilkes Street, Shirley Drive, Apple Orchard Drive, Burnt Mill Road, Culp Road, Michael Chapel Road, Fairfax Street, John/Concord Avenue/Broadway Street, Harrison Avenue, Bethel Road, Camp Hill Road, Nebo Road, Jim West Road, DOH Lane, Mercer Street, South Laurel Avenue, Little Creek Trail, Airport Lane, Little Creek Lane, Whisner Lane, Poole Road, Allemong Road and Creek Road.

“These lists are for informational purposes only and do not represent a guarantee that roadwork, of any kind, will be completed in the areas mentioned,” the governor’s office said on Monday. “It is the DOH’s goal to address as many of these maintenance concerns as possible.”

Justice has said the state must prioritize secondary road repair as a basic state function. During a press release last week, he said his transportation team was working on ways to fund long overdue projects, and get equipment and crews to counties to do the repair work.



  1. Walter Tobin on August 2, 2019 at 7:09 am

    Does anyone know how to ask the county or state for assistance for Orphaned roads? These are private roads built, then abandoned by developers. The maintenance is left up to under-funded Homeowners.Thanks!

    • Editor on August 7, 2019 at 11:03 am

      Alma Gorse, the county’s Planner, works with homeowner’s associations on issues like this. Planning Office number is 304-258-8540.

  2. Nancy Cook on August 28, 2019 at 11:22 am

    When can you blacktop on Poole Road it’s been 22 years since it’s been done my grandson was a baby being delivered when you did it the first time and he’s 22 years old they came the other day we got about 10 potholes in front of our mailboxes they fixed three or four and left all the others please this road is in bad bad shape can you please get it fixed everyone that lives on that road complain about their cars needing front end alignment new tires cars are right on and making noise please this needs to be looked into thank you so much have a great day send it on its way so they get it

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