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Main road into Paw Paw will stay one lane for months

A box culvert replacement project that will repair Paw Paw Road and restore a second lane of traffic won’t start until early next year, according to state highway officials.

The roadway was damaged during the June 3 flood, when a culvert collapsed and the pavement gave way in the southbound lane. Large barriers are in place to block traffic from that lane.

District 5 highway engineer Lee Thorne has said a new box culvert, which has not yet been fabricated to replace the old one, should be ready in early February 2019.

Thorne said there is only one vendor that makes culverts for the state agency, and the Paw Paw culvert has to wait until one for the Charleston area is made.

Federal highway and state environmental approval were needed for the road fix because it will involve engineering changes to the road and drainage.

The box culvert that will be installed in the roadway is 100 ft. long and will be built in 25 8-ft. sections, said Thorne.

One lane on Paw Paw Road will stay closed for several more months.


  1. Paula Miller on December 13, 2018 at 9:55 pm

    If the agency had fixed this cu!very properly around 15 years ago, instead of putting a peice of plywood on it , it might have held up better. But then that is how things are and we’re done a lot of the time in Morgan County. Especially on that end of the county.

  2. T. Miller on December 16, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    Surely, the state has more than 1 approved precaster that supplies box culverts. Is this a non-standard box that only 1 supplier can fabricate? That section of road is well traveled and for vehicles to alternate direction or yield during the winter months is not conducive to safety. Also, would this not be an emergency situation, thereby shortcutting agency approvals?

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