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State roads have larger culvert planned for damaged Route 9

A section of State Route 9 outside of Paw Paw that was damaged in the June 3 flood and remains closed to traffic will be repaired with a larger box culvert, state road officials said.

The eastbound lane of the roadway, which has been blocked by concrete barriers for four months, collapsed when flood waters undercut a box culvert, said Lee Thorne, district five highway engineer.

A culvert collapse from June 3 remains in need of repair on Route 9 near Paw Paw.

Thorne said a larger culvert – 10’ by 10’ – has been ordered by the Division of Highways and is expected to be available in 30 days. The culvert will be installed at a different angle to prevent further washouts, he said.

The highway department has secured environmental permits to replace the culvert and gotten permission to upgrade it from the original size. Thorne said the repair won’t be covered by the state’s FEMA declaration.

Highway crews will replace the side without a culvert first, then move traffic over to replace the culvert under the westbound side.

Thorne confirmed that state road crews hope to get the work down before winter.

“It’s taken us longer than any of us wanted,” he said.


  1. Brandy Steele on February 27, 2019 at 7:46 pm

    And look still not done and its almost march did anyone follow up?!

  2. Ann Casto on March 1, 2019 at 2:11 pm

    Thank you so much for doing a follow-up story on this now 8 month old issues. All we have gotten is promises so far, no repair. It will be interesting to see what date the DOH throws out to the public this time. If the culvert was secured, as Mr. Thorne said it would be, around November 3rd, and the necessary permitting was already in hand on October 3rd, just what is the hold-up?

    If Alaska could complete repairs to major multiple lane highways that were totally collapsed within 100 hours after their recent magnitude 7 earthquake, surely WV should have been able to complete repairs to a two lane road within 8 months.

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