2016-05-25 / Letters

Need for road upgrades

Dear Editor:

As Morgan County struggles to increase jobs and promote managed growth of our community, we truly need more assistance in this vital area from our state government. Case in point, are our local county roads. While downtown has made strides in street and streetscape improvements, the immediate surrounding area has work to yet be funded and implemented.

I find it ironic that large parcels of land are being auctioned given that the immediate infrastructure and access to those properties is so poor. Rock Gap Road is in miserable shape and has been for years and desperately needs widening, paving and major repairs. While there have been some culvert improvements to manage water run off, much more is needed. We already have three major developments off this road and any future buyer, for the soon to be auctioned property, will indeed check out the immediate access areas along with a building ready to fall down on Cold Run Valley known as the old Coolfont Resort.

Would it be possible for the current owner to get together with our state folks in partnership to vastly improve the immediate infrastructure and roads related to these parcels to be sold? I hope our state legislators actually rethink the needs of our particular demographic and how urgent the need for funding roads, resorts and parks is critical and actually, in the long run, benefits the whole state.

Joanne Tomasello

Berkeley Springs

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